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Whether you save on a regular basis or occasionally have a lump sum to invest, there is an investment fund for you. You could be looking to save for your retirement, to pay off your mortgage or to help your children through school and university. People save for a variety of reasons – but increasingly, more people are recognising that if they want greater freedom in the future, they are going to have to start planning their personal finances now!

Key Objectives

To make representations to the UK Government on legislative, regulatory and taxation matters which affect the business interests of its members. To liaise with the Financial Services Authority and other organisations in the UK and Europe on regulatory issues affecting investment funds and asset management. To increase public awareness and understanding of investment funds. To seek to improve the standards of training in the industry. To add value to member companies by providing them with information, guidance and assistance in matters related to their business. To offer an information service to external parties interested in the activities of the UK investment funds industry.

Investment Wealth Management

It is very important that once you have placed investments that they are well managed and maintained. We can only advise, help and point you in the right direction on how to manage your potential investment. Read More